Is Enthusiasm Enough?

I am often asked about ways to approach projects, opportunities or just business in general.  Something I hear over and over is, “I am really excited about this _______ (fill in the blank).”  As time goes on, just like most things in life, this effort is sometimes a grand success, sometimes a moderate success and sometimes a dismal failure.

Which raises the question, is enthusiasm enough?  Is being excited, passionate, jacked up…enough?

Many argue that process is always king over enthusiasm.  A logically thought through, systematic method, executed at a high level will in almost every case produce positive results.  Where “raw enthusiasm” sometimes provides a road of emotional twists and turns where the end game is a product of sheer will and determination.  One is the path of thought and logic, the other a journey of emotions.

Just yesterday I talked to a old friend and colleague of mine.  Like many in these tough times, he was looking for opportunity (aren’t we all) and after a few minutes the conversation headed towards this unique and needed idea he has.  An idea that not only will save the client money and time but also help them sell more product.  His calm demeanor began to morph into this incredibly enthusiastic persona and he soon was bubbling over with excitement as he talked  about his idea.  I could tell by just listening, he totally believed in this idea and in the end, he will make it work.  The voice in my head said, “this is real enthusiasm you can count on.”

Now, of course I will always argue that a highly executed systematic process that is planned out and measurable combined with the highest levels of enthusiasm is the best course of action.  But if I had to chose process or enthusiasm, I will always pick enthusiasm.

I am not a scientist but I believe humans have a gene built into their matter that gives us all incredible powers to discover, explore, achieve, dream and conquer.  We are built from birth to take on challenges and this desire to achieve creates a huge well of enthusiasm.

Throughout history, poor plans have succeded because of raw determination and will.  And I am sure, most of you know someone who has risen to the top based just on thier own personal enthusiasm.  You can not replace passion with process, nor can you create passion through process.  You either are incredibly excited about something, or you are not (lukewarm is not enthusiasm.)  My friend is not wishy washy in his passion towards his idea, he is “all in.”  And his excitement will no doubt, create incredible results.

When I look across the room at the leaders in business, groups and organizations.  I see allot of enthusiasm.

I’ll take the passion every time.

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