Monetize Your Tweets? Hmmm…

A new service is creating allot of buzz in the Twitter world.  The service is called Magpie and the purpose of the service is inject ads into your “tweet stream” that in turn, go into the stream of your followers.  The hope of the service for the advertiser is to target your audience based on your posts and keywords and to send ads to those in your community that best match.  You can get all the details on how this works at .  Take a look at the following pic to get an idea what this would look like in the Twitter stream.

#1 shows how Magpie randomly inserts ads promoting the service into your stream, and #2 shows what an actual ad looks like.  This pic was screenshot from someone I follow and as you can see, the self promotion and the actual ad occured only two “tweets” apart.

The idea of monetizing your work and leveraging your social network is not new, but this new service raises some interesting points of conversation and discussion;

  • Is monetizing your followers, a violation of the community aspect of Twitter?
  • Will followers be “turned off” by ad inserts? Will they care?
  • Can real money be made using this type of service?
  • Will use of this type of service cause followers to “unfollow”?

Twitter is the clearly the “micro-blog” of choice at this time.  It may not have the features of other services available but its has simplicity, elegance and a myriad of tools to make it work on phones and other devices.  Twitter is everything from a business communication outlet, a personal update space, a promotional tool, an instant news resource to a discovery of new things platform.  It is also a community where people converse, have bursts of dialog and share information.  So will a service such as Magpie cause an interruption of the conversation?  It seems the so far, the tweet stream is saying it will.

So lets say you are willing to risk followers in order to make some money on your Twitter stream.  What kind of money can you make?  According to Magpie, this is what my Twitter stream could be worth.

According to the site, I could collect up to 330.66 Euros per month (Euros x .7699 <current spot trade USD> = $254.58USD).  So my potential earnings on Magpie would be about $250 a month.  So the question now becomes; Is it worth it?

There are allot of reasons in today’s economy to try to make some money.  Many are out of work, many have taken pay cuts or benefit cost increases.  Others just need more money to pay the bills.  If that is the reason you choose an ad insertion service such as Magpie for your Twitter stream, then more power to you.  I cannot blame anyone for doing what it takes to put food on the table.  But for those who are not in that situation, consider carefully the possible effects, long and short term of using any ad insertion service into your social network before you do so.

In my case, Magpie just does not seem right for me.  The value of my followers is too precious to risk and the pressing need to generate the income is not there.  I would be anxious to hear what some of you have to say regarding this service and others like it and how it works or does not work for you?

I know you “tweet” but do you “magpie?”

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