Junk Mail from Sarah Palin!

Ok, maybe with all in inauguration celebrations going on across the country, something that would normally not be noticed, got noticed.  My junk mail.

The day they swore in our new President, I received the following in my mailbox.

Junk Mail from Sarah!

Yes that’s right.  A letter from the Office of the Governor of Alaska asking me to take a trip to her great state.

Now at first I scoffed this letter off then I realized how brilliant this may be.  Now, please do not misunderstand what I am about to say.  This is not political commentary in any way, just some observations.

  • The timing of the letter to land in mail boxes (you may have received one) the day of the inauguration was brilliant.  In Marketing 101 we learned that certain marketing activities work because they have a “halo effect“.  In other words, when something positive is occurring then often people link that positive to another thing.  There is no question that our new President is very popular right now and receiving a solicitation from another popular political figure can in fact, make it more positive.
  • The letter took advantage of the sender’s new season of popularity.  A few month’s ago, many were hard pressed to even know the name of the Governor of Alaska, now like her or not, we all know her name.  The name recognition alone most likely gave the solicitation a very high “open and read” rate, probably far above the other junk mail in your box.
  • If you are a fan of Sarah, you probably welcomed the email.
  • The tactics of the email, the purpose and the timing was guerrilla like.  Great impact from a low cost piece of direct mail.

Now we all can’t be the Governor of Alaska and former candidate for Vice-President but there are some lessons we can learn here;

  • If you do direct mail, email campaigns or any other marketing, find a way to break through the clutter.
  • Take advantage of opportunities when they appear, look for great ways to time events and create a “halo effect.”
  • Free never hurts.  People historically respond better to free than anything.
  • Take advantage of your brand or name recognition whenever possible.

Yeah, as odd as it was to get my junk mail from Sarah, it did bring a smile to my face.

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  1. Pinny Cohen Says:

    I think that Palin is making great use of her “marketing contact list” and translating it into a service for her state…seems she is representing her constituency quite well there.

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