Take Time to “Wave” at the Future

The Future

Yesterday I had the chance to watch a video produced by Google from a conference they held a couple days ago. The video was about a new communications/collaboration tool under development planned to roll out later this year. The name of the product is “Wave.” Granted the video is 80 minutes long featuring the development team that is creating Wave (the same brothers that brought us Google Maps) and all I can say after watching the video is…wow!

For a moment think of email, document sharing, mapping, texting, IM’s, picture sharing and more all built into one tool that delivers information instantly along with needed levels of security, accountability and functionality. Imagine a tool where client side applications can be added into the product to produce instant language transalation, polls and more. Then, on top of all that, imagine the addition of gadgets to add untold functionality to your communication. Then finally, it is open source. Which we know means third parties can produce applications for Wave that will give it even more powerful functions.

Once the video started I was quickly captivated by the demonstration of the product under development and instantly could see how it will change everything. I mean everything, email, sharing documents, project management, feedback & comments, instant messages and collaboration. If you don’t believe me, take the time to watch the video below. Then when you are done, wave hello to the future.

If you want to get in early on Wave, go here to sign up. http://wave.google.com/

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  2. cathrine ( caos) Says:

    Mark, their is quiet a bit of information ,the wave struck me. the one comment. How do I want to be remenbered. I did the liitle things well, the fame and fortune stage.. life,I kmow that a car is just a car, a limo, a big car if your driven or drive. I look back at my life. I feel like albert finny in the big fish. In the end as you mature, You realize, on your death bed. you dont think of out to decor or the color of carpet. or the wine you order for dinner. YOu think who has been their for me .Who has loved me and who has been a true friend ,you think not about stuff,ha! I have never seen a hurst pulling a u-haul. So to be known, for being the best mother, granmohter., the sense of loyalty and being the best friend anyone could have. just all the things. time giving time to those around me. I want to leave a legacy of love to my children. especially to my grandson. I want to leave the world with the peace I have now. whole spirtually ,emotionaly , I love life. but to leave a legacy that you were there for the ones who knew you , she did her very best, She succeeded in being the best to anyone she met.giving them time, looking them in the eyes and listening.It is an art . Listening.. thats it. sincerely cathrine(caos) My initials ,You Think? honest. may all in life good come your way continued success in life.

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