Remember When…

A post on a friends blog spurred a chain of thoughts which lead to a little reminiscing which lead to this post…

  • Remember when Twitter had no spammers, no MLMarketers, no DM’s offering free e-books on how to make a fortune?
  • Remember when you had to be in college to use Facebook?
  • Remember when Adam Curry did a “daily” Daily Source Code?
  • Remember when everyone was saying, “Have you heard about this thing called PodCamp?”
  • Remember when the hottest new marketing thing in the world was a place called Second Life?
  • Remember when Google Feedburner was called Feedburner but before was called Burning Door?
  • Remember when the term social media meant nothing?
  • Remember the world before YouTube?
  • Remember when you had to explain to everyone what a podcast is, what a blog is?
  • Remember when iTunes opened up to podcasts?
  • Remember when Mevio was called Podshow and Mevio Music Alley was called the Podsafe Music Network?
  • Remember when the Podcast Expo became the Portable Media Expo which became the New Media Expo and now the Blog World and New Media Expo?
  • Remember when no one, I mean no one used FriendFeed?
  • Remember “Pownce?”
  • Remember when the official name for a blog was “weblog?”
  • Remember when Google launched adsense? or when people would ask, what’s a Google?
  • Remember when reading your favorite blogs became easier with the creation of news feed technology, called RSS, by Dave Winer?

I could go on and on and on…I would love to hear some of your “remember whens.”

2 Responses

  1. Yona Says:

    Oh wow – that’s right…Facebook was just for college students. I forgot about that. BTW – I STILL have to explain what a blog is. I’ve given up explaining Twitter to my Mom – she still doesn’t get it.

    I remember when I first got to college, the email system was Telnet.

    I remember when Netscape Navigator ruled.

    I remember an Internet world without comments.

    I remember when there was no Internet and my biggest computer joy was the game “Number Munchers.”

  2. Lars Kristiansen Says:

    I remember the sound of my 28k modem
    floppy disks ruled…

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