A Year for Resolutions…

There is something about a New Year. Something fresh, a starting point. Something that makes us want to get rid of the old and bring on the new.  Something magical that happens the second the bell tolls midnight and the fall of the crystal ball brings on the New Year.

So what are your plans for the New Year?  What are your resolutions? What do you plan to leave behind?

Read more? Lose weight? Watch less TV? Eat the right foods? Get organized? The list goes on…

Every year I struggle a little with resolutions. Not because I can’t figure out some good ones that will apply but because within a few weeks or months it seems I have forgotten all of them. So this year is going to be different. Nope, no resolutions. Just a few things I need to resolve and here is my list;

  • be better at following the “Golden Rule”
  • embrace changes in my life (like kids getting married)
  • work hard at being a better person
  • help others succeed
  • re-invent myself once again with my new businesses
  • get a better haircut (LOL…but true)
  • be a better Leader
  • do the right things not just doing things right

Yup, nothing about food, weight, TV, exercise or organization. This year is about resolving things and when 2011 comes around, I want to honestly say, “I left the world a better place in some way last year.”

That will do.