Sometimes You Never Hear the Good Ones…

A new video from the best band you probably never heard of House of Heroes. Great new video, “God Save the Foolish Kings.”

We interviewed House of Heroes a while back on Build the Church, you can find that interview by clicking here >>> “Build the Church Interview with House of Heroes”

A Simple Lesson on Corporate Personality

How many times has your favorite service/product/company been purchased by a larger fish and the end result is a watered down (more “larger fish like”) version of your fav?

Dallas area based woot! has been acquired by Amazon. And it seems to me, woot! is determined to stay true to it’s course of a great deal(s) everyday that attracts lots and lots of traffic. It also seems with this “announcement video” woot! is determined to keep its fun and quirky personality.

The lesson is this…

Being different, fun and a value is what made woot! a great site. As long as they continue to do so, they will continue to be a great site. And guess what, Amazon will get great value from the purchase. :)  Don’t lose the personality that made your corporation great and miss out on the huge returns coming from that big payday.