Our Media Now On Boxee!

What is Boxee?

According to Wikipedia “Boxee is a cross-platform freeware home theater PC (HTPC) program with a 10-foot user interface and social networking features designed for the living-room TV. Boxee is initially a fork of the free and open source XBMC media center software which Boxee uses as an application framework for its GUI and media player core platform, together with some custom and proprietary additions.”

Ok…now rub your glazed over eyes and watch the short video below

Starting right now, three of our podcasts; Bedtime Stories My Kids Love, Bible Stories My Kids Love and Build the Church can all be found on Boxee! So if you have Boxee, just do a search for the podcast and enjoy!

Build the Church is a Finalist for the Podsafe Music Award from Podcast Awards!!

Build the Church has been selected as a national finalist in the Podsafe Music Award category from PodCast Awards   http://www.podcastawards.com . Voting starts November 13 at the PodCast Awards website. Since the finalists are based on listener nominations and a quality review process I want to thank you for your nominations and recommendations and I hope you get the chance to vote for Build the Church once the voting begins (don’t worry, I will try to remind everyone…) Considering many of the nominees from various categories are podcasts from national syndicated networks and shows such ESPN, Fox News, NPR, Real Time with Bill Maher and the Rick Steves Show (just to mention a few); I am humbled and honored by your nominations and support.

Thanks again for everything,

Go to http://www.podcastawards.com starting November 13th to vote!

Below is the video announcing the finalists.

Do Bad Times = More Downloads/Views?

A recent thread in a group I belong to was bemoaning the lack of interest in the association’s podcast. It appeared from the stats shared to show February to have the lowest number of downloads for the podcast since mid-2007. This got me thinking, does the economy have anything to do with the success or lack thereof in New Media?

Now let’s flip the coin and look at first hand experience for one of the podcasts I produce. The below chart represents one podcast, total monthly downloads (all episodes) from October 1, 2008 through the end of February 2009.

Download Requests Chart - One Podcast 10-1-08 thru 2-28-09

*source – Mevio Stats, MarkLinder

Now I have to be honest, I picked this particular podcast’s stats because they looked the best.  But results from all other productions, although not having a 99% increase in January over December, had substantial increases and were all up 35% or greater average per month over the same three month period.  This combined with the group thread caused me to consider a cause and effect for such dramatic differences in results.  Ok, there is no doubt the economy is in rough shape right now and the stock market is a great indicator of our current condition.

Market Down Since October

*Yahoo, 3/3/09

So back to our question, “Do Bad Times = More Downloads/Views?”  Going only on my first hand experience I would say “Yes.”  Going on the collective conversation of the group thread and the results of the association’s podcast I would have to say “No.”  So which is it?

The “Yeses” would argue that more people out of work means more people with more time on their hands thus more downloads.  The “Nos” would argue that tough economic times carries over to “free” New Media productions and that means less money for internet service and more people out doing what they have to do to find a job and listening to a podcast or viewing a videocast is way down on the overall priority list.  So which is right, the “Yes” or the “No?”

I say both.  Because at the end of the day, both are reasonable explanations (however hard to quantify) for seeing downloads go up or down.  Maybe the real question should be “why are some up and others down?”  It is almost impossible to say, without first hand knowledge and all the information, why some are up while others are down, but here is a quick checklist of basic questions you can ask yourself to help you gauge how well you are “executing”;

  • Do your listeners/viewers/readers “trust” you? Have you earned their trust by building relationships?
  • Is the quality of your productions going up, going down or staying the same.  Many would say if your are not always improving you are simply slowing dying.
  • Is your podcast/videocast/blog easy to find in search engines?  Have you done the most basic Search Engine Optimization?
  • Are you building a community of like minded people? Have you joined a community of those that have the interests of your podcast/videocast/blog?
  • Do you ask for feedback? Especially from your listeners/viewers/readers? Does the thought of honest feedback scare you a bit?
  • Is it easy to share your content? Can users share on Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc… quickly and easily?
  • Are your comments turned on? If no, stop reading this and go turn them on pronto!
  • Are you an active participant in a social network? Are you a part of the conversation? Do you participate or just listen?
  • Have you approached someone who does similar work to get their insights and thoughts? Do you learn from your like minded community?
  • Are you discouraged? Feel like giving up? Take a break, a vacation, socialize, get out of the forest and regroup…come back energized and ready to go!

If you went through the list and found yourself (if you are really being honest) saying you needed to do this better or that better then you are well on your way to building your audience to new levels or getting your audience back to the levels you experienced in the past.  You see, this post is not just for you, it is also for me as many items on the list are items I can do a much much better job at.  So no matter if your numbers are up or down, whether the economy is up or down it comes down to this; those that execute the basics day in and day out over time experience the greatest success.  Luck hits us all, but never lasts.  Execution wins everytime over time.